Curricula Development

Studies and Manuals

At Nawaya, our commitment is to deliver comprehensive studies and manuals specifically crafted for local communities, ensuring they are easily accessible and impactful. We go beyond mere translation of scientific data, taking the extra step to revise and adapt it to the community context. For instance, in 2023, we published the “Gastrotourism Manual For Enterprises.” Additionally, we conduct our own studies to further enrich the knowledge base and address the unique needs of the communities we serve, such as the latest Participatory Rural Appraisal conducted by Nawaya in 2023.

Nawaya has extensive exprience in crafting impactful educational videos. Our proficiency lies in curating engaging content on enhanced agricultural methods and crafting heartwarming videos detailing the creation of nutritious recipes for farming families. Since 2013, Nawaya has stood as an enthusiastic collaborator in video production alongside Access Agriculture, a distinguished international organization dedicated to sharing farmer-to-farmer training videos. Additionally, Nawaya facilitates village video shows using solar-powered projectors, reaching up to 150 farmers per session. These shows provide hands-on kitchen training for rural women, serving as an entry point for Community Kitchen Programs in collaboration with local NGOs.

Nawaya uses videos in its projects for community outreach and offers consultancy services in script development, production, and dissemination methods to reach rural communities effectively.

Tehina & Fool Soudani Video

Why purchase Tahini when you can effortlessly prepare a healthier version at home? Watch this video now to discover Tahini’s benefits and learn the recipe, enhanced with the creative addition of peanuts.

Lemoon measfar Video

Food is always better with tasty pickles! Watch this video now to unravel the secrets behind Egyptian pickled lemons

Fereek with Kebda

Tasty and healthy whole grains with protein – that’s the dream, right? Watch this video now, enjoy the recipe for Liver & Freekeh, and learn more about its benefits.


Craving a sweet, nutritious dessert? Watch this video now and learn more about Ashoora and how to keep its nutrients intact.

Sweet Potato Snacks

Can a dessert be healthy? Indeed, watch this sweet potato snack recipe now and learn about its benefits.

Fool Nabt with Molokhia

Did you know that you can have vegetarian molokhia without using any processed ingredients? Watch this recipe now and learn how to cook Molokhya with Fool Nabet while keeping their nutritional value.

Kishk Saedi with Vegetables

Who said Kishk can’t be a full meal? Watch this recipe now and learn how to turn Kishk into a complete meal by adding vegetables to it, and discover its benefits.

Running an inclusive meeting

How do we conduct an inclusive meeting at Nawaya? Watch this video and learn more about the successful techniques of inclusive meetings.

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