Plan Your Unique Gastrotour with Nawaya!

Discover rural Egypt like never before as you immerse yourself in the timeless culinary traditions passed down through generations. Experience the authentic art of cooking from scratch, a practice still cherished by women in many villages across the country. At Nawaya, we collaborate with rural women producers and cooks to curate seasonal menus and hands-on activities, ensuring you an unforgettable experience. Discover the depth of local expertise and flavors with us, Now! 

  • Engaging and interactive activities
  •  Learning about the origins of food
  •  Hands-on experiences 
  • Exposure to heritage cuisines and cultures
  • Insight into sustainable food choices 
  • Opportunity to connect with nature

Our Gastrotours are Tailored to Suit Any Group!

  •  Cheese Making: Experience authentic cheese-making using traditional methods and learn how women age cheese to create delicious dips.
  • Baking: Learn how to prepare dough and bake various types of bread and pastries, using traditional tools like the “matraha” to get your bread in the oven.
  • Traditional Recipes: Discover the stories behind dishes like Besarah, Kishk Saedi, Deshish, and Ashoura, and learn about their traditional preparation and significance.
  • Harvesting: Elevate your sensory experience and immerse yourself in the art of harvest, deepening your connection with the food you consume.


Embark on an exciting journey to our farm and community kitchen, just a short 45-minute drive from downtown! Are you an independent group, a tour leader or a tourism company seeking to offer your customers an unforgettable culturally rich experience? Nawaya warmly invites your groups for an immersive farm tour paired with an authentic Egyptian meal.

  • Welcome drink and seasonal treat to commence your adventure
  • Guided Farm Tour
  • Harvesting of preferred selection of seasonal crops to take home 
  • Baladi bread baking with rural women at Nawaya Community Kitchen 
  • Lunch Break
  •  Extra hands on activity (if booked)


Are you a school, scout group, or involved in kids’ activities? Nawaya offers the perfect day out for young ones—an experience that’s creative, educational, and fun!  Our “Farm to Tummy Adventure Day” is designed to immerse the young generation in the fascinating journey of food from the farm to their plates.

  • Arrival, Ice Breakers, Orientation, and Introductions
  • Farm tour at Happy Farm 
  • Departure to Nawaya Community Kitchen 
  • Quick Snack Break & Sorat, Farm visit 
  • Hands-On Activities 
  • Reflection time with Facilitator on Sustainability, Food, and Agriculture 
  • Lunch Break 
  • Creative Expression and Closing
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