Collective Enterprise

At Nawaya, we are eager to teach rural women and youth the essential skills needed to build and grow their own businesses, including team building, leadership, operations, marketing, and management, leading to early-stage incubation for community kitchens.

Nawaya's Community Kitchen

Due to family duties and various factors such as their lack of skills, limited mobility, and shortage of suitable jobs, rural women face a high unemployment rate.

As a first step to alleviate poverty and improve local health, Nawaya has developed the Community Kitchen as a safe employment space for women to learn, network, share profits, and develop collective enterprises in the heritage food sector.

Moreover, we train rural women and youth to work in groups, set salaries, source from local farmers and processors, and create food menus that are healthy, seasonal, and preserve agro-food heritage. Currently, Nawaya’s community kitchen team includes six youths from four villages who are engaging a larger network of 25 women cooks to serve the Gastrotourism programs and are still growing.

In parallel, the youth team works with complementary roles in management, recipe standardization, pricing, menu development, documentation, and operations for nutrition and kitchen workshops.

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