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Laura Tabet

Laura Tabet leads partnerships, program, and curriculum design in projects supporting rural communities. She is passionate about creating economically viable models for healthy and sustainable diets through community kitchens and ecological farming. This passion led her to co-found Nawaya in 2011, located in the rural community of Badrashin where she resides. Laura has 12 years of experience in agricultural communication, working with Access Agriculture, an international NGO that promotes farmer videos to deliver knowledge and promote group innovation. Her true passion lies in networking at local and international levels to create a roadmap for Egypt to transition to agroecology – a food production model that preserves the local environment and our unique food culture.

Hadeer Ahmed Ali

Hadeer Ahmed Ali has over 10 years of experience in project management within the field of culture and development. Her role involves supporting Nawaya in designing training programs that integrate culture, heritage, and economic development. As such, she takes the lead in stakeholder engagement and maintains relationships with project implementing partners. Additionally, she oversees project finances, focuses on sustainability, and ensures effective project implementation. Hadeer is always keen on facilitating knowledge for local communities and fostering the exchange of experiences among partners, particularly in the design of gastrotourism programs.

Mohamed Yousry

Mohamed Yousry is Nawaya’s local partnership and community kitchen manager, overseeing all logistics and operations involved in delivering workshops to enhance local skills in business development. He integrates various sectors, including entrepreneurship, education, tourism, culture, and food, to create training programs that add value to local knowledge while fostering stronger community linkages and collaborations. Moreover, Yousry is passionate about travelling and discovering Egypt’s hidden culinary treasures, continuously seeking ways to increase social impact in food-producing communities.

Aya El Hosseiny

Aya El Hosseiny is a health coach, content creator and social media manager at Nawaya. Given her background in law, development, nutrition, and agroecology, she has created a solid foundation to raise awareness among consumers about healthy food. Aya leads the documentation of Nawaya's community work and marketing media for the gastrotours. This also includes food photography and the creation of reels to highlight local skills and women’s enterprises. Additionally, she is a creative cook who is keen to preserve Egyptian food heritage and local culinary knowledge.

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